Directory Submission

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What Is Directory Submission?

Directory submission is a process to adding your website to a web directory. A web directory is huge collection of websites from many different categories and subcategories. The submission process involves your URL, Title (describe your website) and few more details of your website to submit in appropriate category.

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Why Directory Submission?

Directory Submission is the initial as well as most affordable step to improve your link popularity. It’s a proven method to gain quality back-links. Incoming links from directories provides direction for search engine crawlers to crawl your website from many external references.

Why Choose Us

We offer high quality directory submission only. We have our own list of search engine friendly directories to get lifelong quality links. We use only manual process to submit your site details and follow each guidelines provided by the directory ensuring higher chance of getting listed.

Xifive Technology: WordPress Development Company

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Xifive Technology: WordPress Development Company

We Provide

  • General Directory Submission
  • Niche Directory Submission
  • Local Directory Submission