A framework is basically software that is mainly designed to sustain the development of websites, services and web applications.

What Is Framework?

This technology mainly aspires to improve the overhead linked with regular actions executed in web development. For instance, few frameworks supply libraries for database access, encourage code reprocess and session and templating frameworks.

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We can deliver embellishing, latest and efficient working results related to Cake PHP Development, Zend Development and Codeigniter Development. All PHP frameworks have their own features, positive aspects and good things.


Cake PHP

This PHP framework is well ordered & controlled, very flexible thus manage complex web applications within least possible time & comfort, very cost-effective, powerful, secure to handle, free from tiring configuration process, comes with predetermine set of principles to direct you in rising application, multiple language choice, manage content & theme flexibly.

Zend Development

Zend is basically a popular framework applied in PHP and is founded on latest MVC designs. The best part of this program is that – it’s very simple to process yet offer you modernize and effective results. With this default set of programs 5 basic functionality necessities can be fulfilled and rest one can customize according to their business requirements quite conveniently. All the libraries you’ll find are thoroughly tested and supple and extendible. It is easily compatible with MVC designs, RSS, Web Services and AJAX.


Codeigniter Development

Market is flooded with numerous kinds of PHP opensource frameworks due to extreme popularization of web application development. Codeigniter is quite popular among all the frameworks due to its amazing MVC outline that permits the web developers to change the pioneering and illuminating ideas of the users into live applications.

Basic Features

  • Extremely purposeful websites with uncomplicated structure
  • Handy & controllable applications with unfaltering performance
  • Extremely secure
  • Apparent and systematic documentation
  • Supple applications with personalized features
  • SEO responsive and web-friendly URLs for outstanding web existence.

Why Choose Us?

Xifive Technologies have proficiency in all kind of framework development whether it is Cake PHP, Zend development or Codeigniter development. Best and user-friendly web work is guaranteed as we have complete faith on our professional team of expert. Our web developers put their complete knowledge and experience to offer you desirable results within fixed deadline.

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