Opensource CMS

Xifive technologies will help you as have expertise in all kind of CMS development such as Joomla Development, Drupal Development, WordPress and Mambo Development.

Why Opensource CMS

In this situation, you have to be updated regarding technologies and applications and keep on trying to make your site user-friendly and easy to access. Don’t try to forget, if you want to survive in this competitive market then outdated technology and information should not be related to your brand name. Keep updated, to allow more users and positive response to the market.

Opensource CMS

Easy to Use

In the era of Information Technology where people become more dependent on the Internet to fulfill all their needs the arrangement of information, data and statics online is becoming really critical.

Opensource CMS
Opensource CMS

Joomla Development: 

Xifive has experienced team of Joomla developers which create applications according to the specific business requirements and budget line of clients. This technology is suitable for designers, supervisors and developers as it is very user-friendly and simple to access. Most of the business owners pick the CMS as comprise innumerous feature like RSS Feeds, News Flashes, Language Internationalization, Blogs, Polls and so on.

Drupal Development: 

Those who want to create content determined or community site then Drupal can be the most ideal choice as it comprise amazing specifications like simple to install, amazing configuration and cheap maintenance cost. Besides, its add-ons elements like image gallery, blogs, hassle free file upload & download options, multi-user facility makes it a perfect choice. If you want this, our professional will offer you the best design and system.

Opensource CMS
Opensource CMS

Wordpress Development:

This CMS system is extremely popular and commonly used as incorporated with amazing features extremely SEO friendly, user-friendly, easy to access and require less alteration. It is also similar like other two CMS software’s. One major advantage of this software, to access this you don’t need HTML knowledge.

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  • Absence of real time content online
  • Outdated merchandise data base
  • Haven’t updated fresh products and latest content on your site due to poor access on your website
  • Aren’t you aware about how the editing work handled?
  • Do you want to make your site user-friendly and strong? Want to manage content by yourself?
Opensource CMS