Responsive Website

For today’s world, where competition not only focuses on the development of fastest internet technology but also on the innovations in sizes and shapes of the internet devices, here comes the need for responsive website design.

What is Responsive Layout ?

It is believed that sooner the usage of-traditional desktop computers and laptops will be taken over by the usage of iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Smart phones. Gradual deduction in cost of Smartphones, weightless and portable features of tablet and constant release of new generation internet technologies has led majority of users to access internet through these mini computers, rather than uneasily available Desktop or Laptop computers.

Responsive Website

Just imagine how would your users feel if your company website looks great on desktop but disoriented and disorganized on their phones???? Inconveniences and inconsistencies to the user might not only make them impatient but also cost you to lose your customer.

Responsive Mode

Responsive website is a flexible website which responsibly changes according to the environment. It is designed to adapt different resolutions of browser on different devices with optimal viewing, reading and navigating experience, thus easily adapting to any screen sizes and maintaining the presentation of the website without obscuring it.

Responsive Website

Why Xifive Technology?

Xifive technology has got a proficient team dedicated to creating responsive websites to make sure users find it convenient and happy to approach your website on urgent or immediate basis, independent of the location and device they are carrying.We deliver services to all kinds of websites including those categories which are frequently approached using mobile internet devices such as:












  • User friendly technology with minimal navigation, panning, scrolling and resizing features in every device.
  • No need to download separate applications to run the site on mobiles.
  • Cost reduction as to maintain just one website than maintaining several websites for different resolutions of browsers.
  • Profitable to the company in the form of increasing number of customers, approaching the site from any devices, that are, already presenter coming upin the market.
Responsive Website

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