Top Speed Optimization WordPress Plugins

Top Speed Optimization WordPress Plugins You Should Know

Speed is the most important ranking factor according to a report issued by Google. You can have a good content but when your website is not fast then your target readers may not get it because not all people are patient with slow opening websites. For you to increase your blog visitors you have to increase WordPress speed. In this article, we will be looking for the best optimization WordPress plugs in 2018.

4 best WordPress plugins to optimize your site


It’s good to understand that your website keeps on accumulating unnecessary data every time it’s in use. WP-Optimize is one of the best WordPress optimization plugins which helps its users clean the WordPress database ensuring that it has maximum efficiency. It’s very effective in removing data like pingbacks, expired transient options, trashed comments as well as post revisions.

The best thing about this plugin is the fact that it offers great control in all areas in which you want to optimize your site. More to that the WP-optimize comes with options of running automatic cleanups as well as schedules cleanups o your website’s database.


There are incidences when you should remove unnecessary information from the source code which is one way to improve the speed of your website. Autoptimize works perfectly in minifying assets of your website like JavaScript files, HTML, and even CSS, therefore, optimizing the speed of your website. This plugin is very simple to use and all you have to do is to install it and then checkmark the boxes for the code you want to be minified. More to that you can also add scripts of code you do not want to be affected as well as controlling whatever you want to be compressed.

W3 Total Cache

This plugin is considered as the best Caching plugin for WordPress optimization in the market. W3 total cache is so popular such that it has over one million installs on WordPress. This plugin improves the performance of a website and works by reducing downloading time through features like a content delivery network. It greatly helps in the ranking of your website by boosting the search engine. W3 will also improve your web server performance which leads to higher traffic performance.


Images have been proven to be taking a large portion in WordPress and therefore it would be very good if the size of an image can be reduced while still maintaining the quality of the image. Smush is the best plugin to reduce the size of your images as well as optimizing your website, therefore, reducing the loading time. When you install smush you get a great deal since it comes with image resizing as well as compression enabling your page to load faster. One more thing is the fact that you can use Smush to cut off the unrequired parts of an image.

Large images slow websites and therefore it’s important to either compress them or resize the images. Use Smush to resize images as well as optimizing your WordPress website.