Advantages of PSD to WordPress conversion

Advantages of PSD to WordPress conversion in Business

WordPress is currently the most famous CMS controlling more than 50% of the market. More than 75 million websites are using WordPress which then translates to more than 46.8 new content produced each month. This popularity makes PSD to WordPress conversion very important for all startups as well as well-established digital companies. This conversion gives every user a responsive website, therefore, helping you to have a unique recognition in the online markets.

In this article we will be discussing the advantages of converting PSD to WordPress for business:

Search engine friendly sites

PSD to WordPress conversion experts like Xifive create websites that are search friendly because the website comes with some inbuilt functionalities which mainly work to ensure to the site is very search friendly. This websites also make SEO easy and compliant since they consist of inbuilt Meta tags, Meta titles and even Meta description.

More to its friendliness its SEO plugins are developed by WordPress community which is experienced in handling on-page SEO. It’s important to note that when your website has a friendly search engine it becomes easily accessible to users and is easily connected to by potential customers.


Most CMS platforms are expensive but WordPress is an open free source. The beauty is the fact that you do not have to spend money downloading its script because it’s a self-hosted blogging platform. As soon as you complete your PSD to WordPress conversion it’s very easy to install it.


PSD to WordPress is very beneficial to its capability since it leads to a better content database which works well without affecting the site’s functions. This enables the site’s owner to increase business reach and even more customers.

Self-management and flexible development

WordPress is well known for self-management which enables owners to modify and even edit the site. Self-management attributes are very good in enabling flexible management. More to that its conversion is so flexible in a way that you can create its entire system with little knowledge.

Built-in blogging and theme customization

WordPress began as a blogging platform and even now it comes with inbuilt blogging features. This enables bloggers and other writers add all sorts of content and more to that you get to control your content and your audience. More to that theme customization in WordPress can be done according to your requirement since it has several options and many features. The beauty is that this can be done without having to increase your budget.

Pixel perfect designs

A website that has a pixel perfect design can take your online business to a very high level. This helps your website have a unique recognition in crowds and more to that helps you reach your target customers. With the conversion of PSD to WordPress, you get a perfect website, especially for your business. This is because the inbuilt functionality of WordPress takes care of each pixel giving the site the perfect look. More to that WordPress used pixels grind for putting items on the final images, therefore, maximizing the sharpness of the image.


The above points illustrated the best possible benefits that we obtain from the PSD to WordPress conversion. All the above-stated advantages play an important role if we provide them to make an active and a well-functioning site. If there is anything you do not understand from the above information, you can contact Xifive, our team works very hard and has adequate experience to help you.