Speed Optimization

Xifive works to ensure that your website ranks high on Google as well as satisfying your customers. Speed optimization is very important and our professionals work to give the best experience.

Speed Optimization

The speed of your website is very important and should always be your first priority. It’s proven that the first six seconds are very vital to the visitors of your website meaning that it should be as fast as possible. There are many factors that determine the speed of your website and we can help you have a very fast website which can give comfort to your visitors.

The main reasons you should improve your website speed is to maintain your brand, improve your customer’s experience as well as reach your mobile audience.

Benefits of website speed optimization

Increase sales

After speeding up your website, people will love to see fast loading website and improve traffic ratio. Which will result in more sales.

Decrease loading time

For decreasing the load time page size should be less. Speed optimization ensures that your website loads faster which are good for potential clients.

Decrease Bounce Rate

Its proved once user get higher speed they always stay on website for a long time a compare to other slow website.

Better Ranking

These days every search engine demand for speedy website. So by increasing the speed of your website you enable it to rank better on search engines.

Increases user Engagement

With a fast website, the visitors to the website will be happier something which will give the website a better reputation

Increase performance of Adwords

With a faster website, you are assured of decreases Adwords pay per click


When seeking superior work, your project must be in right hand and that’s what Xifive offers. With a team of highly experience and skilled developers, the result is always incredible.

Our speed optimization services include:

Choosing a better website host

The biggest determinant of your website speed is your host. If you have a slow host it’s impossible to optimize your speed. To ensure that your website is running with the best speed we often change hosts especially when the host is slow. It’s important to have in mind that very few visitors can wait for a minute for your website to load.

Optimize your images

The size of your images determines a lot about your website speed. Huge images tend to slow down the speed of a website. We work to ensure that the images on your website are well optimized. We require their size without affecting their visual quality so as to ensure speed optimization for your website.

PSD to Wordpress conversion

If you are looking to configure your website to your server then you can hire our experts to install WordPress for you and complete all the requirements to leave it working.

Page speed audit & optimization

Do you want to make changes to your website but not sure where to start? We offer speed audit services to offer you with details of the website as well as analysis of the site’s performance. More to that after the audit we give you recommendations about the areas you need to improve to ensure that your site has a faster loading time.

Remove unwanted plugins

Not all plugins in your website are important. It’s important to know that plugins add a lot of junk to your website which then slows the functionality of your website. We remove all the plugins not required in your website, therefore, ensuring that the site it’s working at its maximum speed.

Disable pingbacks

Pingbacks are useful but they tend to slow down your website. Other than having them you can use options like Google webmaster which does not affect the speed of your site.

Just some of our results!

Backed by experience, innovation and tried technologies, Xifive is one stop shop for all your expert speed optimization solutions.

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