Wordpress Development

A leading WordPress development company with a team of digital geeks, Xifive Technologies offers quality-driven, cutting-edge and user-friendly WordPress development services.

Wordpress Development

Wordpress is a Content management system which is fully customizable and which offers a very unique platform which can easily be changed when the need arises. Xifive has very experienced staff and provides quality WordPress development services. We have a massive client base and have been offering WordPress services all over the world. To ensure that WordPress website remains competitive we constantly upgrade our customer’s sites to ensure that they have the latest features.

The main reason why we have a huge client base is that we understand the importance of responsive and fast websites. More to that we ensure that we develop a site based on the requirement of the owner and more to understanding the target clients and advising our customers what would work best for certain audiences based on our past experience.

Why you should choose us:

Fully responsive website

We fully understand all the challenges that face website developers. Our experience and continued research enable us to overcome these challenges in a very professional and efficient manner of producing high-quality websites. More to that all our websites are compatible with all internet connected and enabled devices.


We offer quality final products and that is evident in client reviews. More to that we are always available for our clients especially when they have difficulties with their website.


We ensure that all our services are transparent. Whether it’s time, price or even promise we ensure you have all the details in advance.

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance depend on technical support. Our support staff is always available throughout the day to tackle any challenged from our clients. We offer periodic maintenance services to all our clients to ensure that you have a good experience with the website.


Our developers are well experienced. They develop websites of high quality which have been proven to render high-quality industry standards as well as the latest trends.

Advice and consultation

We work very hard to ensure that we are very well informed and up to date with the market. We ensure that we have you covered when it comes to technical support and advice.

Excellent Services and Process

Xifive Technologies provides novel WordPress solutions that inject flawlessness and ease to your technology canvas. Its services meet the ever evolving and growing demand of our customers.

Some of our WordPress development services include:

Wordpress plugin development

Wordpress has its own plugins with different features in a very separate plugins directory. However, most website owners require a customized plugin. We customize WordPress plugins based on the requirements of the client. More to that we help our clients put their plugins on the internet and help then earn revenues.

Wordpress theme development

Our team of experts is very conversant with the development of themes. We develop the themes based on what you want and your client base.

Data migration

We offer professional data migration services which can help you migrate your Content Management System website into a new WordPress blog or website.

Template design

If you are looking to make your website look unique we develop great and exceptional templates. For you to fulfill the requirements of your clients you must understand what they need and what will be attractive to them. We integrate your website with the best and latest themes and templates for it to have a great look.

CMS Development & Maintenance

Despite the fact that we build very powerful websites we also provide quality maintenance services which increase the functionality of the website while reducing the chances of slowing down your website.

Search engine optimization

Our websites are all optimized for a search engine to ensure that the websites rank higher and have maximum traffic.

Wordpress Portfolio

If you need WordPress expertise professionally, then you are at the right place! Based in Noida, WordPress is at the core of Xifive where every team members are creating success stories. From a full-project to a specific slice, we help our clients to get the best result possible.

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